GFI Products

Our Commitment to Product Excellence

The wellness industry offers many opportunities for pursuers of health and financial well-being. We at GlobalFusion Inc. actively advocate this global campaign. Our mission to provide excellent quality, affordable and effective health products will always be of utmost importance.

The opportunity-driven industry propels us to retain leadership in introducing highly regarded, internationally certified, clinically tested breakthrough products that create vast opportunities for our independent distributors and to their valued customers.

We carry this out through the active promotion of disease prevention, health maintenance and its management. Our sincere commitment to break ground in the area of natural and preventive medicine will keep us always on active search for new and better products and partner with the biggest and most reputable institutions that share our pursuit for excellence.

Seals of Excellence

Our products bear the marks of excellence and are meant to provide you with optimum health benefits, unmatched value and global opportunities.

Awards, Certification and Obtained Patents

GlobalFusion has brought excellence to a higher level. Bioperine, a registered trademark and US patented product to Sabinsa Corporation is now an exclusive active ingredient in the NutriMaxx Product line.

With Bioperine you get at least 30% more mileage on your nutrients for maximum nutritional value. You get more value for your money

Living the Charmed Life: GFI Goes Global

GlobalFusion Inc. Contract signing with Charms and Crystals’ owner Joy Lim
28 December 2010
AFP Theatre, Camp Aguinaldo.

GlobalFusion takes another step in taking over the global market by storm. As the year 2010 comes to an end, GFI gained a partnership with owner of Charms & Crystals, Ms. Joy Lim, to create a GFI and Charms & Crystals’ product line exclusive to be sold by GlobalFusion distributors. A variation of 9 bracelets were personally designed by Ms. Joy Lim to be beneficial to its wearers, to those looking for luck, love, fame, fortune, health, speed and safety for 2011 and the coming years.  Ms. Joy Lim, prominently known to celebrities all over the Philippines as a Feng Shui expert, and appears on the international TFC (The Filipino Channel), showing in 250 countries abroad; promises to promote and endorse GlobalFusion products and its newest product line, GFI and Charms & Crystals bracelets.

On 28 December 2010, the GFI executives, Millionaires Club members, Multi-millionaires club members, distributors and visitors paraded the AFP theatre in Camp Aguinaldo for a rare Holiday event. GFI’s first Multi-Millionaires Club member Mr. Rico Ruiz presented the qualifiers for the leadership excursion in Macau happening this February 2011 as VP Bong Escobido announces that the promo for the leadership excursion has been extended with the newest mechanics. To make a partnership exclusive, GFI executives and Ms. Joy Lim signed a contract, as everyone in the audience take part in it by witnessing a closing of a deal. Everyone grew more hopeful and excited as the new line has been launched and some of the Millionaires Club members together with other distributors modeled and unveiled GFI’s newest product, Charms & Crystals Elite Collection bracelets.

Furthermore, aside from GFI having the wall of fame, respectively the Millionaires club, Multi-millionaires club and Top Earner for each month, GFI unleashes its new wall of fame: Top Retailer of the month. Ms. Lilian Geronimo, also a member of the Millionaires club, was the first distributor granted the title of Top Retailer for the month of December. Without a doubt, the new wall of fame could serve as an inspiration for our leaders to work even harder for their dreams.

As the night comes to an end, GFI executives and newest partner Ms. Joy Lim promised that 2011 will be a great fruitful, prosperous and wealthier year for the whole GFI family and to those who chooses to be a part of GFI to make their “one life to live” worth living for.